Nick's Collection

Thanks to Nick, we now have a wonderful set of pictures
of his lithophanes of royal & historical figures

Click thumbnails to enlarge

Queen Alexandra

Queen Alexandra
- with widow's peak

Queen Mary

Queen Mary

Queen Mary

King Edward VII

King Edward VII

King George V

John Bright
- reformer

General Booth
- founder of the
Salvation Army

Joseph Chamberlain
MP - father of
Neville Chamberlain

W E Gladstone
- Prime Minister

John Japp J.P.
- Lord Mayor of
Liverpool 1907

Sir Walter Scott

William Shakespeare

Charles Dickens

Pope Leo XIII

Cardinal Francis Bourne
- Archbishop of

King Frederick William
III of Prussia

Any idea who?
- cup has monogram:
J.W. 1870-1911

Benjamin Disraeli
Earl of Beaconsfield
Prime Minister

Robbie Burns
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